We will be closed June 15th. We appologize for the inconvenience.

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 Welcome to Green Adventure Sports!

We help you create incredible memories with family and friends by providing Kayaks, Canoes, Stand Up Paddle Boards, and Float Tubes that will take you on an exciting adventure or help you relax in the sun!

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Please Make a Reservation or call before stopping by. We appreciate the Heads Up!
Here's how it works:

1)  Click on the Start Reservation Button at the top right of this page.

2)  Select your Watercraft and create your reservation
(life jackets and paddles are always included with rental).

3)  Pickup your watercraft at your reserved time. A friendly team member will help you load your equipment.
(We rent Tie down kits too and can help you load it on almost any vehicle with or without a rack as long as we can loop the straps through a window or door on each side of the vehicle.

4)  Take your watercraft wherever you would like and have an Incredible time!

5)  Bring your clean watercraft back at the end of your reservation time or when you are done. A friendly team member will help you unload your equipment and we then sanitize the equipment for the next customer.
(You can also choose to pickup the night before your reservation by selecting a time after 6pm and dropoff the morning after your reservation day by selecting a time before 9am at no additional cost! This should not charge you for extra days)

Helpful Tips:
  • Our location is Not located on water even though Google maps may indicate that.
  • We have everything you will need to easily transport your watercraft on just about any vehicle with or without a rack! ;-).
  • ***Life Jackets and Paddles are included FREE with every rental! You will select sizes at checkout.***


  1. The State of Utah does require a Free registration per person responsible for a watercraft.If you are on your own watercraft, you must read and take a quick quiz about the invasive species Quagga Mussels and save the certificate on your phone. You are also supposed to print the certificate and put it on the dash of your car when you park at the lake or river The QR code below will take you to the reading material and Quiz. You can do this before or after you pick up your watercraft from us.


    Utah State Law Mandates that adults must have their life vests on their vessel at all times and children 12 and under must wear the life vest at all times while on their vessel.

Happy Adventuring!

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