Our Suggestions for Excellent Paddling Lake and Pond Recreation Areas near Green Adventure Sport Rentals

(Pineview, Causey, Great Salt Lake, Adams Reservoir, Willard Bay)

Pineview Reservoir: (About 44 Minutes (29 miles) from Green Adventure Sport Rentals)

Pineview is a beautiful lake with rich pine tree filled mountains surrounding it. It is open to motor watercraft and is one of the most popular lakes for recreation in Utah. Pineview has warm sandy beaches at both cemetery point and middle inlet. The beach at cemetery point is larger but the sand at middle inlet seems finer. If you are looking for a great day on a beautiful beach then Pineview is your lake. You can choose from several locations to put in. There are bathroom facilities at Cemetery Point, Middle Inlet, Anderson Cove, and at the Free Beach to the south of Middle Inlet.


Pineview is located about 6 miles to the east of Ogden. From I-15 take exit 344 (12th Street) and head East. This will take you to Ogden Canyon and becomes highway 39. Continue on through Ogden canyon for about 5 miles and it will lead you right to Pineview.

  • Rattle Snake Creek:

This is a free put in with no parking fees or use fees. The beach is small and there are some switch backs you will need to carry your boat or board down. If you turn left at the dam and then follow the road about 1.4 miles you will see a turn off on the right into a parking lot that services this beach. If you get to the marina you have gone too far.

  • Anderson Cove:

This is a camping fee area only accessible if you are camping at this location. It offers a beautifully groomed campground with beach access but you will need to reserve early if you want one of these camping spots because they are very popular during the summer and often fill up. To get here do not turn left across the dam but continue going straight when you get to the lake. The road will wrap around the lake and Anderson Cove will be about 3.2 miles past the dam on your left.

  • Cemetery Point:

This is a very popular sandy beach with a long shoreline and easy beach and marina access. It is well maintained and there is a State Park fee ($13) as well as a local Huntsville ($5) access fee. To get there follow highway 39 around the lake and turn left onto 100 S (Main Street) in Huntsville and follow it to the toll booth. Careful not to go too fast. This is a monitored speed trap.

  • Free Beach Right Before Middle Inlet:

There are a few Free Beaches right before Middle Inlet as you follow the road around Pineview. There are several pull out and parking lot areas right along the shoreline. There are pit toilets at the one closest to Middle Inlet. These beaches are more gravely than sandy. Early in the season the beach is narrow and the water is shallow. Later in the season as the water recedes the beach may be very long and it can be quite a hike out to the edge of the water.

  • Middle Inlet:

Follow the road around Pineview and watch for the signs to Middle inlet. It is a well maintained State park fee area ($13) with very nice sandy beaches. It is not as big as cemetery point but the sand is finer and it is a great place to take the family and spend a day on the beach. Like cemetery point and Anderson Cove, there are designated Swim areas along the beach.

Causey Reservoir: (About 55 minutes (37 miles) to Causey Reservoir from Green Adventure Sport Rentals)

Causey is a beautiful mountain lake with steep rocky cliffs sliding into the water. This lake is probably the most popular touring paddle sport lake in Utah since no wake producing motor boats are allowed and the scenery is incredible. Causey also has some of the best cliff diving areas in Utah as well most of which are near the dam, and is a popular place to spot wildlife. Causey has 3 main channels with the middle channel being arguably the most scenic as that channel narrows amidst towing cliffs on both sides. The best places to launch are on or near the dam and at the parking lot on the far south side of the lake where the pit toilets are. Causey is beautiful but it should also be noted that there are no beaches here, only steep rocky banks.


Causey Reservoir is a reservoir located 15 miles (24 km) northeast of Ogden, Utah, United States just off Utah State Route 39. It lies about 17 minutes East of Pineview Reservoir. From I-15 take exit 344 (12th Street) and head East. This will take you to Ogden Canyon and becomes highway 39. Continue on through Ogden canyon for about 5 miles and it will lead you to Pineview reservoir. Continue on highway 39 as it wraps around to the north of Pineview. Stay on highway 39 by turning East onto 100 S (2 streets past subway before the bend in the road). This will take you East through South Fork Canyon. From this turnoff, follow the canyon for about 8.4 miles (11min) until you see the Red Cliff Grill. Turn right onto the road next to the grill. About 1.6 miles (4min) from the grill is the dirt road turn off to drive across Causey dam. Make this right turn and park either near the dam and launch from there or follow the road on down to the parking lot on the far south side of the lake. There are pit toilets at the parking lot.

Adams Reservoir: (About 20 minutes (10 miles) to Adams Reservoir from Green Adventure Sport Rentals)

Adams Reservoir is one of the nicest and closest small bodies of water to Green Adventure Sport Rentals. It is located in Layton, Utah and nestled in an east bench neighborhood, quiet and not well known. It is a great place to paddle when you don't have a lot of time or don't want to drive far. There is a small dirt bank but no beach here.


From I-15 take Exit 334 in Clearfield and head East on Hwy 193. Turn South onto Fairfield Road. Continue on Fairfield for about 1.9 miles (4min) Turn East onto Gordon Ave and stay on that road until it turns into a dirt road and turns down to the right towards the lake. There is a small parking lot and a pit toilet near the put in.

The Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island: (About 20 minutes (12.3 miles) total to the island from Green Adventure Sport Rentals)

If you are looking for adventure and want a unique paddling experience, then The Great Salt Lake is for you. The Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island feels like you are on some distant part of the planet. It is calm, serene, and absolutely gorgeous during the sunsets. There is an abundance of wildlife on the island, so bring your camera. Antelope Island is a state park so there is a fee required ($10/car up to 8 people, Utah residents over 62 get their cars in for half price). The water is also very dense due to the salt content so paddling through it feels a little like paddling through a light syrup. It is a very fun experience and different than any other paddling you have done. If you feel like a swim, you can jump in and just float with no effort.  Just make sure to rinse off at one of the nearby outdoor showers after you get out as the salt can make you itch.


To get to Antelope Island from I-15 take exit 332 in Layton and turn West onto Antelope Dr. and stay on that road all the way past the entrance station and across the causeway approx. 13.7mi (22min).

To get to Antelope Island From Green Adventure Sport Rentals head East on 750 N and turn South onto 2000 W. Follow this about 2.5mi and turn West onto Antelope Dr. and stay on that road all the way past the entrance station and across the causeway approx. 12.3mi (20min) total to the island.

There are 2 places to launch paddle watercraft. Bridger Bay and the Marina. The water depth at the Marina is 2ft and very accessible. To get to the water from Bridger Bay can be several hundred yards depending on the level of the lake so be prepared to carry your craft if you chose this option. From the end of the causeway turn right onto Marina Dr. to go to the Marina or stay to the right following Antelope Island Rd to go to Bridger Bay.


  • Know before you go:

The Great Salt Lake has got kind of a bad reputation because there are biting gnats at certain times of the year. They usually hatch towards the last part of April and are bad until the temps soar above 90°F for a week or so and then they all die. So plan your trip accordingly because biting gnats can ruin a trip to the Great Salt Lake if you are unprepared. Fine mesh head nets are recommended if you go when the biting gnats are out. There are also little sand flies but although a little annoying, they are harmless. The sand flies stay near the beaches so paddle out past them and you are good. Just make sure to check current conditions before going to make sure the biting gnats are gone or have not hatched yet.

  • Here is their contact info:


4528 West 1700 South

Syracuse, Utah 84075

Entrance Booth/Information: 801-773-2941

Visitor Center/Information: 801-725-9263

Park Headquarters/Management: 801-649-5742

Fielding Garr Ranch:clayshelley@utah.gov

For current conditions go to: https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/antelope-island/current-conditions/

Willard Bay: (About 32 minutes (25 miles) from Green Adventure Sport Rentals)

Willard Bay is a fairly close option and does have a beach. Willard is quick and easy to get to with a great view of the Wasatch Front Mountains.

Willard Bay is a State Park and there is a fee ($10/car) required. 


From Green Adventure Sport Rentals you will need to hop on I-15 and head north. Take exit 357 and turn west to go under the freeway. Then make the next left to go to the guard station. Once past the guard shack, go straight and look for the beach on your right.

Other nearby paddling locations Mantua Reservoir, Jensen Nature Park, Lost Creek Reservoir , Rockport Reservoir, East Canyon Reservoir, Echo Reservoir, Jordanelle