We are excited to Offer Watercraft Repairs, Plastic 4-Wheeler Fender Body Repairs, ATV Body, UTV Body, Water Tank Repairs (as long as the material is Polyethylene Plastic) Current Only at our West Point location!!!

We are currently only able to repair holes, gashes, punctures, etc... in HDPE Plastic made Watercraft. This includes All Lifetime and Emotion Brands, and most other hard-sided plastic (Non-Inflatable) Watercraft since HDPE is the most common Plastic Used for Kayaks, Canoes, and Stand Up Paddleboards. Call ahead to make sure we can fix it if you have a brand other than Lifetime or Emotion.  We also repair handles, hatches, and other accessories on Lifetime and Emotion Brand Hard-sided Kayaks, Canoes, and SUPs. We can also help install additional accessories, and repair gouges and soft spots before they become punctures.

Repair Prices:

$50/Hole or Puncture - Repaired by Plastic Welding using a Welding Iron, Stainless Steel Mesh, and Polyethylene Rods (same material as the watercraft)
$25/Gouge or Soft Spot - Needs only to be filled with Welding Rod. (No Puncture)
$10/Handle Replacement
$40/Hatch Cover Replacement
$25/Rod Holder Replacement

***Call for a quote for items not on the above list.***

We will need up to a week to work on your watercraft depending on the job, our work load, and the availability of the parts. Warranty on the Repaired section is 1yr parts and labor. See below for before, during repair, and after repair images.

Disclaimer: It is difficult to make plastic welds look pretty. They will however be funtional. We use Clear Plastic Welding Rods to repair since color matching can be difficult. As watersports have inherent risks, it is up to the customer to test the repair job in water to insure it does not leak before using the watercraft. If it leaks when you test it, bring it back and we will finish repairing it at no additional cost. We are not responsible for incidents resulting in injury or death due to malfunctioning repairs.

Hole in the Hull of a plastic KayakPlastic Kayak Being RepairedPlastic Kayak Being RepairedPlastic Kayak Hull Hole RepairedPlastic Kayak Hull Hole Repaired